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"I Ship It" Season 2 The CW Network

I Ship It Season 2 hits the CW Network tonight after Dynasty on The CW! Choreography by Emmy Frevele. Dancers in Episode 4 include:

Aaron Czupresnki

Stephanie Gevone Heckert

Ali Schillerman

Rafael Quintas

Nicole Massinello

Brandon Hudson

I Ship It- Season 2- The CW Network

After a devastating breakup, Ella Spencer enlists her roommate/best friend Tim to help her seek revenge on her ex. The two of them, along with a couple of coerced interns, form a band with hopes of taking down her ex-boyfriend in the Battle of the Bands nerd-rock contest. However, as budding romances among bandmates begin to escalate, Ella is forced to choose between her new-found musical success and her next relationship. I SHIP IT stars Helen Highfield, Riley Neldam, Jacqui Calloway, Yasmine Al-Bustami, Kauyn Kim, Chase Williamson, and Kristen Rosanski. From New Form Digital, I SHIP IT was created, written, and produced by Yulin Kuang.

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